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Sitrex TR Hay Rakes - efficient and effective

Posted by Cooper Walton in Hay & Silage Rakes
  May 5, 2020 3:15:40 PM

The Sitrex TR9 Side Rake is an excellent choice for the discerning farmer or small contractor looking to get into their own raking. At around 2/3 the cost of a V rake of similar working width, it makes a lot of sense financially, especially if deep/thick windrows are not required. For example if the baler to be used does not have the capacity to pick up a thick windrow (such as those left by a V rake) the side rake is able to be adjusted to pick up almost any width of material and thus create the desired thickness of windrow relative to the capacity of baler to be used.

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A Universal Power Rake for All

Posted by Cooper Walton in Hay and silage, Hay & Silage Rakes
  Jan 24, 2020 11:08:30 AM

Do you have the right gear for the job?

The Hay Maker 300 (HM300) is the ultimate machine for spreading, tedding and windrowing hay and silage crops.


Getting the best cut

Posted by Cooper Walton in Mowing
  Aug 27, 2019 4:04:39 PM

The successful finishing of a lawn is ordinarily no easy task. Thanks to the Sitrex SM mowers it has been made much easier through excellent design and innovation as well as the use of higher quality materials.

Cutting correctly involves carefully selecting the correct height at which to cut the grass, ensuring the cutting blades on the mower are as sharp as possible.