A Universal Power Rake for All

Posted by Cooper Walton on Jan 24, 2020 11:08:30 AM

HM300 Hi Res

Do you have the right gear for the job?

The Hay Maker 300 (HM300) is the ultimate machine for spreading, tedding and windrowing hay and silage crops.

With very simple operation and a sturdy construction, this power rake is built to last and perform at its peak. Fitted with wide flotation tires in order to improve ground clearance and obtain better performance on rough and/or waterlogged terrain, the HM300 easily goes where you need it to, when you need it to. As shown by the ruggedness of the gearbox in the picture below, the heavy duty components used in the construction of the HM300 are built to last the test of time and serve you faithfully all the while.

HM300 Gearbox

The pivoting head stock coupling allows the machine to follow the tractor course thoroughly ensuring it follows where you drive precisely. When lifted, the head stock locks automatically on centre position and avoids lateral oscillation, therefore preserving the machine from unnecessary damage during transport. Working safer and smarter on the farm is rarely ever a bad idea and with the HM300 this can be achieved easily.

Wings are pivotal in ensuring efficient and tidy construction of windrows (pictured below) and the ones on the HM300 are easily adjustable to from creating windrows to tedding and spreading. The grey coating on them forms a tough protection from the elements meaning less downtime for you and therefore more time to spend on other jobs.

HM300 Back

Backed up by a comprehensive warranty and service from a reputable global company you can rest assured your season is in safe hands with a Sitrex HM300 Universal Power Rake.

See more and enquire here: https://www.sitrexequipment.co.nz/products/hm300-hay-maker

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