Sitrex TR Hay Rakes - efficient and effective

Posted by Cooper Walton on May 5, 2020 3:15:40 PM

TR9 Sitrex Hay Side Rake

The Sitrex TR9 Side Rake is an excellent choice for the discerning farmer or small contractor looking to get into their own raking. At around 2/3 the cost of a V rake of similar working width, it makes a lot of sense financially, especially if deep/thick windrows are not required. For example if the baler to be used does not have the capacity to pick up a thick windrow (such as those left by a V rake) the side rake is able to be adjusted to pick up almost any width of material and thus create the desired thickness of windrow relative to the capacity of baler to be used.

The TR9 (and TR13) side rakes can also be used at high speed. With an operating speed of 20km/h and operating width of up to 5.5m for the TR9 (8.5m for TR13) maximum efficiency is easily attained. Exceptionally low power requirements to pull the rake results in fuel savings and this coupled with the high quality, well built construction and low maintenance requirements make this a very economical rake to run.

Being hydraulically operated, the TR series of rakes are always capable of doing an excellent job; if the crop is too heavy the operator can adjust the rake to a smaller working width (down to 3m for the TR9), resulting in a more thorough swathe as each reel is moving the material a shorter distance.

TR9 Sitrex Hay Side Rake

TR rakes are also extremely versatile, being adept at following contours and maneuvering in tight areas where other rakes would struggle. A self centering design and hydraulic reel lift makes operation easy and fast.

Fast, economical and cost effective - The Sitrex TR Rakes.

Trusted by NZ Farmers to get the Job Done.

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