UNI400 proves to be the ideal tedder/rake for straw!

Posted by Sam Searle on Feb 28, 2019 3:32:25 PM

UNI400 raking in straw paddock

Over the last decade many cropping farmers have made the switch from burning their once worthless straw to baling it for feed as demand for a 'bulk filler' from surrounding dairy farms has increased. Being able to make a few extra dollars each season without growing extra crops was always going to be a big plus, read on to see how the Sitrex UNI400 makes this process as efficient as possible.

Like any feed on a dairy farm the important point is quality, being straw this means it has to be thoroughly dry with no moisture before baling. This is where the UNI400 comes in!

It's ability to both rake & ted ensures you can rake up ready for baling or if necessary due to dampness and wet weather you can give it a quick ted to dry off first prior to raking and baling.

Tedding & Raking functions both in one machine mean crop & dairy farmers do not have to invest significant amounts of capital acquiring both a tedder & rake.

Earlier this month the team took the UNI400 to a Mid-Canterbury crop farm to show just how well it works, the rye grass crop had been harvested followed by a few days of damp weather which meant the straw had to be turned and dried prior to baling. Watch the video below to see just how well it handled it!

Watch the video to see the UNI400 tedding & raking Rye grass straw


Sitrex UNI400's take combination tedding & raking to new levels, whether your a crop farmer looking for one machine to cover all processes or a dairy farmer wanting something to effectively ted & rake heavy silage crops the UNI400 is your machine! View the UNI400

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