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Posted by Cooper Walton on Aug 27, 2019 4:04:39 PM

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The successful finishing of a lawn is ordinarily no easy task. Thanks to the Sitrex SM mowers it has been made much easier through excellent design and innovation as well as the use of higher quality materials.

Cutting correctly involves carefully selecting the correct height at which to cut the grass, ensuring the cutting blades on the mower are as sharp as possible.

It also involves waiting for the perfect time when there is the optimal amount of water content in the ground to ensure the most traction and the least dust.

This is where the carefully selected materials used in Sitrex products come into their own. The hardened steel used in the SM series finishing mower's blades is perfect for the job, staying sharper for longer than traditional mower blades, improving your bottom line through less time spent on maintenance. Some may look at having sharp blades as something that can be put off time and again, but in actuality this is something that is the difference between getting an average cut and getting an excellent cut.

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An interesting analogy here can be made to using a shaver. Using an old, blunt shaving blade makes the job take much longer and usually results in a poorer result than if the blade was new. This is a similar story to how grass is cut. If a blunt cutting blade is used to cut grass, it results in the blade smashing through the grass rather than cutting it, causing the grass to be much more susceptible to pests and disease than if it was cut cleanly. It is also harder for the mower to drive the blunt blade through the grass which reduces the life of wearing parts on the machine, costing you time and money to fix. This is why it is such a priority for us to provide higher quality cutting blades on all of our Sitrex Finishing Mower range.

Aesthetics are also a big part of the equation. Grass cut with a sharp blade can recover faster, resulting in very little to no unsightly yellowing in the mown area. Because a blunt blade rips the grass off, the grass is pulled slightly upwards, exposing the roots. This results in an uneven texture and unhealthier grass. The net result of unhealthy grass is that there are more dead leaves giving the mown area a yellowed look, rather than than a more desirable deeper green.

Grass Cut Grass Rip

The two pictures above show the difference a sharp blade makes (left) and a blunt blade (right)

Height selection is a key factor in determining how well the grass responds to being cut. Experts suggest that no more than one third of the total length of the blade of grass should be cut off in a single pass. In order to get the finish looking absolutely tip top at all times, mow often and take only a little off at a time. This is something that is very easily achieved with the Sitrex SM mowers, with a simple, effective and easy to use method of height adjustment. 

Another problem faced by those who care for grass is undulations in the surface of the area being mowed. The Sitrex Range of Finishing mowers feature a fully floating design which enables the cutting deck to perfectly follow the terrain, giving you the most even cut possible, eliminating patches of different coloured grass where the blades have cut in too deep or skimmed over too high. 

This video shows the fully floating cutting deck in action, following the terrain up the hill easily.


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